Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bead Retreat Sunday

Today my bead group met for a day-long Bead Retreat. Our wonderful hostess was Nancy, who, with her hubby, set up a huge table in their garage with hook-ups for 10 (!) torches.
We started the day with a tour of Nancy's drool-worthy studio.

Here are some of us working on our own projects. I think Deb is commenting to Martha that she is unhappy with her goddess's boobs!
For the past year or so we have been making beads to donate to the Children's Hospital Cancer program. Kids undergoing cancer treatments receive a length of cord, which they then thread with beads signifying the treatments and proceedures they have had. Our beads are apparently quite popular, since they are all unique. Nancy dipped a bunch of the right sized mandrels for us to work on a batch to donate from today's work. I think the kids will be thrilled; there were some cute little turtles made, hearts and an assortment of fish.

Here's Nancy demonstrating how to make an implosion marble. She made one with a beautiful rose inside it.
We finished the day with a "Bead Blast" to the Beatles. We split into 2 groups of 5. As a Beatles song was playing, we each made a base bead. Then when the song ended, it got passed to the next person to be decorated, for as long as the next song played. So each bead was worked on by 5 people. They all went into the kiln, so not sure how they turned out. A great exercise, though, no time to worry about perfectionism.

It was fantastic to get together like that for the day. A huge thank-you to Nancy and her husband for making this happen. What a lot of work! And, they even fed us a delicious lunch.
I saw lots of techniques that I would like to try; the day really recharged all of our creative energies. Thanks, Nancy!!!!

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