Saturday, June 30, 2007


Today was my first Saturday at Millarville Farmer's Market. It was a gorgeous day, just perfect. Getting up that early is a bit of a shock, but it ends at 12:00, so the rest of the afternoon is free (for napping!)

Here's a shot of my booth, with DH Steve manning it. Or the lowly paid assistant, as he calls himself. I sold lots of beads today, and some finished jewellery.

Here's a shot of the marketplace, about 11:00. Lots of people.
And here's what I bought from a neighbouring vendor. She hand spins and dyes this 100% wool yarn. I was very excited to discover her, since my other obsession (besides beadmaking) lately is crochet. She is out at Millarville every Saturday morning. Her website is if you want to check out her beautiful yarn.

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