Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Terra the Terrible

Well, of course I have to jump on the latest glass bandwagon, so I have been trying Double Helix's new silver glass, Terra. Have breathlessly read every single post about it on Lampwork Etc., drooled over the gorgeous results some people are getting. And snivelled over my results when I open the kiln in the morning. Here is a picture of my not so great attempts to tame Terra.

I did have some luck using partial wrapping with clear glass, though, and have posted this set on my web Specials page.

Still not getting those eye-popping colours, but should persevere, I guess. I had a love-hate (heavy on the hate) relationship with Raku when it first came out, and finally got it to do what I wanted.

Well, off to my part-time job at Suzie Q's.

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