Monday, August 13, 2007

Back from Edmonton

The Edmonton Folk Festival ended last night, was a great time. We heard lots of amazing music, and sold lots of jewellery. Perfect! Here's a picture of my table within the big craft tent. We are situated on a slope, which takes a bit of getting used to, so if things look crooked, it's because they are (although I guess I could have put my tablecloth on a bit straighter!) I was happy with sales, despite the fact that there were 13 jewellers, out of about 30 booths.
Here's one of the new things I had ready for the show. These are made on a curved mandrel. I put them on ultrasuede cord, but maybe I should just string them onto a chain.
These are some of the drop pendants I have been making. They have sold well for me in Calgary, but I didn't sell a single one in Edmonton. Of course, I made a whole bunch of them.
And lastly, here are my "man" necklaces. I made large hole beads, trying to choose designs that I thought would appeal to men. Then I put them on braided leather cord, 20" long. I only sold one, to a woman, who bought it for herself. Steve obligingly wore one the whole weekend, but no interest from the guys. I also have a whole bunch of these.

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