Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Sales

Hi, everyone. Not much new from me, other than a shameless plug for a couple of sales I am in! I have been too busy making beads and jewellery to catch up on my blogging. But that's good for you, as you can see all these new things at my shows!! This weekend I am at the Festival of Crafts, at the Roundup Centre. The hours on Thursday and Friday are 10 - 9, Saturday 10-6, and Sunday 10-5.
The next weekend I am having my annual studio sale, on Saturday December 8. The hours are 11-5, and my address is 455 Hidden Creek Blvd. N.W.

Hope to see people there!


Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday at Millarville

I managed to get out and take some pictures at Millarville this afternoon, thanks to my trusty long-suffering booth assistant, Steve. Here's a picture of some of the outdoor vendors. It all looks very Christmassy, doesn't it?
The next couple of pictures show how a couple of vendors have actually built themselves little houses for the duration of the show. Quite amazing, there was nothing there before they did all this work. I feel guilty with my meagre set-up in the hall. Well, not that guilty!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Christmas at Millarville

I just got back from setting up for the Christmas show at Millarville happening this weekend. If you've never been, you might want to take a look. It is quite different from most Christmas shows - very old-fashioned and charming. Many of the vendors choose to be outside (not me!), and it is amazing all the methods they come up with to give themselves shelter and keep warm. There is even someone roasting chestnuts for sale. I will be ensconced in the warmth of the Hall building. I will try to get some pictures to post. Here's the website if you are looking for times and how to get there: Hope to see everyone there!
In the meantime, here are some pictures to tease you. The one below is part of my studio after a frantic burst of creativity and panic. As you can see, I have been making lots of earrings.

The next picture is of some of my "twisted hearts". These ones are the result of the class I took from Jennifer Geldard a few weeks ago. I finally learned how to use enamels in beadmaking, and look forward to lots more playing with them once life is a little less hectic.