Monday, June 16, 2008

Michael Barley Class

I was lucky to get a spot in the Michael Barley class this last weekend. I have wanted to take a class from him for ages, and he doesn't teach very much. So I pounced when Bedrock in Edmonton offered a 2 day class with him. He is a fantastic teacher, and I learned a lot. Here he is
showing us how to make one of his fantastic beads. And here is a tray of some of his beads that were for sale. Those are his leaf beads on the left side of the tray.

I learned one of my jewellery designs was accepted into a bead magazine contest. Here it is: If I get lots of votes, it will appear in an upcoming magazine, and I get some nifty prizes, so I am hoping everyone will vote for me! Here's the link:, and I am in Metals, entry #3. Voting ends on June 18. Thanks!!

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tooaquarius said...

I met you at the Oasis show on Sunday and spoke to you about Etsy.

I just wanted to let you know that I had voted on Beadstar a week ago, at the request of another bead friend, and completely without knowing yours was the entry I had picked already.