Monday, May 23, 2011


Have been sadly lacking in creativity since returning from Thailand. I decided to try a couple of things to tweak my muse. I follow a group in Flikr called "Color Palette a Week", where Chris posts a colour palette and people send in pictures of what they have made using that colour group. I loved this poppy so decided to try to duplicate those colours.Then I tried a tutorial I bought from Yonat Dascalu on etsy. It was fun to try, but don't like how prominent the orange elements are: they look like a bunch of carrots to me (which wasn't what I was going for!)Next time I try I will have a better idea how to place the elements.
Then I got out the extruder and ran the colours through to make snakes of shaded clay, and arranged them in a filigree pattern. This result I am very happy with, and this will become a cuff bracelet when I get my bracelet blanks. I will continue to play with these colours and see what else I can come up with. So, all in all a good day in the studio.

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