Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like...

Finally feeling a bit of Christmas spirit creeping in, now that we have been back from Cabo for almost a week. I wanted to make some Christmas ornaments using polymer clay, but haven't seen any examples that were quite right. I happened upon Tooaquarius's excellent tutorial, though, and decided to give it a try. Elaine has done a great job showing the process, and figured out all that bothersome math, too! The tutorial is here. I used a clear glass ornament from Michaels, but I suppose you could cover any round ornaments you happen to have.
Here is my second attempt (the first got toasted because it was too close to the element in the toaster oven). I added a little finial to the bottom, and also decided to cover the metal ornament top with clay. Really pleased with the result, and am now teeming with ideas for more!


Elaine said...

Your ornaments turned out beautifully Susan! We did a whole bunch of variations with my students this year - including some bobs on the end like yours as well as some different sizes and combinations for the slices.

I have updates to make to my tutorial now!

Susan White said...

Thanks, Elaine! Just noticed your comment today. I really appreciated your tutorial. What a lot of fun making those, had a million ideas but only so much time. Next year!