Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun With Patina

I decided to play with some patina sets that I have had for ages (at least 12 years, pre polymer for me). They are the 2 part kind, a paint on metallic solution, and a patina that is applied on top of it. I used some scrap clay pushed into molds as the base and cured them. The dragonfly (a mold I purchased) had a copper metal painted on, then a coating of green patina. The plant mold (made from our chokecherry tree in the spring) had a blackened bronze coating, with a blue patina added. When everything was dry, I sprayed a couple of coats of Preserve Your Memories on them. Then touched up the raised parts with guilders paste. I think the dragonfly was the more successful of the two, it actually looks like a metal medallion. This was fun to experiment with, fairly outside the box for me since I tend to like patterns and smooth clay. I can see doing more with this technique, am visualizing tiles for making bracelets. I collected a bunch of dry flower stalks and pods on a walk a couple of days ago, will have to make some more molds and see what happens!

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