Saturday, August 11, 2012

In Praise of Serendipity

I have been busy cranking out sets of polymer clay beads to (try) and sell on etsy.  It is a slow slog trying to get a following from buyers, but I am nothing if not stubborn!  However, I was finding making nothing but beads a bit soul-destroying, so have decided to mix it up and make a few pendants, too.  I especially like this one, which utilizes the interesting edge of a mokume gane sheet of clay.  And a pair of earrings to match, while I was at it.  Anyhow, feeling much more inspired now, so armed with the latest Pantone fall colours, I am heading back into the studio.  Who knows, I may even post about it here!

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Elaine said...

I hear you about the slog! I'm doing the same, trying to drastically boost the inventory for fall.