Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Process

I follow the Art Bead Scene blog, and they have a monthly challenge to make a piece of jewellery using a painting as inspiration.  This one is by Erte, and the warm red of the dress against the cool blue of the sky really appealed to me.  I had lots of ideas percolating in my head, and finally forced myself to go down to the studio and try to make some of them happen (the deadline is tomorrow).  None of my original plans happened, as it worked out, but I was determined to finish this challenge.  The central bead and the blue bead are polymer clay, made by me, as are the two etched metal rings.  The red focal pendant ended up with a distinctly Asian feel, but I feel it captures the motifs in the dress.  The blue bead represents the snowy sky. 

 And, the aftermath.  Some trays of beads that "auditioned" for the piece.
 My very messy worktable.  Creativity is NOT a tidy process!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the twelfth day of Christmas....

my true love gave to me: nine pairs of Christmas tree earrings!  I have been busily making these for my co-workers.  I don't really bake, except for polymer clay, so this seemed like a good way to go.  The first pair were the red and white striped ones, inspired by a pair I saw on Polymer Clay Daily.  Then it became a challenge, how many variations could I come up with, and still stay within the Christmas tree shape.  

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Must be the Christmas spirit

I have been enjoying having time to get down to my studio on a regular basis.  Can't say I miss the relentless grind of Christmas craft shows at all!  Apart from making beads to sell on etsy,  I can just make whatever I want.  

 Wanted some Christmas coasters, so why not make my own out of polymer clay?
 3 of the ornaments I have been making.  They are polymer clay on a glass ornament base.  They share the same palette of colours, yet they all look different.  
Ornament with a base of red and gold foil, covered with a crackle cane.  

The whole gang, hanging out on the coffee table!