Thursday, August 29, 2013

August Challenge

I always like to see what the monthly challenge is at Art Bead Scene.  This month's painting really spoke to me,  with its deep reds and purples, against pale yellows and smoky greys.  It's always a good incentive to get me down to the studio to create something.  This month I actually got it together enough to complete the project before the end of the month!

I started by making a crackled sheet of inked and foiled polymer clay.  I thought it turned out perfectly!

 Unfortunately, after it was cured it became quite a bit paler, and not as red as I would have liked.  Oh, well, must forge on, the end of the month is approaching and I am out of time!  I made three etched brass pendant pieces, and riveted the polymer pieces to them.  The title of the painting is Tres Personajes, (Three People), so thought this kept to the theme.  Here is a detail of the necklace.

 And here is the whole thing.  I strung it with some czech beads and tiny brass disks.  I also got fancy and soldered and forged the back links and clasp of the necklace.

All in all it was a good exercise, and I am happy with the finished product (even though it isn't as dark as I wanted).  

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Taking the Unexpected said...

Do you teach workshops on Polymer Clay? My daughter (14 years) loves working with it and I wanted to find a workshop for her to attend. Please let me know. Thanks